It’s On Like Donkey Kong

So, there’s lots to update about. 🙂

First, I took Bob last Friday to go shopping for work clothes. He hasn’t held a desk job in 7 years, and needless to say, what he did have was limited, a lot failed to fit, and some was just…well…no, he’s not wearing that out of the house and claiming to be married to me. So, Friday, we went to the Mall (*gasp* – this girl hates the mall), and I helped him pick out two sports coats, a pair of shoes, four new ties and four shirts. Then we took the sports coats to the tailor to have the sleeves hemmed. I also treated myself to a GORGEOUS leather bomber jacket which was originally $200 and marked down to $80 and Bob got my Valentine Gift – the new Pandora Essence Bracelette with the Confidence Charm (also, LOVE). Then we had Chinese food (and I stayed on plan!!!) and called it a night.

Saturday morning, I got up early and headed to my Weight Watcher meeting.  This was my third meeting but I joined the program the first of January.  I have officially lost 8.8 pounds since January 1st and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’ve retrained my pouch to remember what full feels like, and I’m eating food that is good for me.  Whole grains, low fat, good proteins, fruits and veggies.  It’s the boost I needed.

An old co-worker of mine and his family are adopting their second little one from China. Last December, they held a raffle of a bunch of things to help raise money for the costs of bringing her home.  I won one of the raffle packages, which included a free overnight stay at Simply Bed and Bread  in Chestertown, MD (the home of Washington College).  We decided to use our free night on Saturday, and took a trip down the Eastern Shore.  On the way we stopped in Galena, MD to visit some antique stores.  I bought myself two gorgeous rings – one pink saphire and one amthyst.  Then we headed down to Chestertown for the night.  It’s a small town on the Chester River.  Not a lot to do, but it was a relaxing weekend.  I can’t recommend the Bed and Breakfast enough – we had such a pleasant stay – relaxing and quite and just lovely.  We had dinner in town at the Fish Whistle Cafe.  Bob had Fish and Chips, and I had the Tuna Soft Tacos.  Delicious.  Then we went back to the room, hunkered down in the ginormous California King, pulled up a bunch of blankets, and watched TV until we passed out.  We soooo needed that.  The next morning, we were greated with the smell of coffee and fresh baked bread, and a huge breakfast!  We couldn’t even finish it!  We had fresh fruit (blackberries and mango), greek yogurt with homemade granola, a spinach quiche and toast.  And in the middle of the table was a ginormous cinnamon bun, but we were so full we didn’t even get to try it.  🙂   We headed home shortly afterwards so Bob could be home in time to watch his beloved Broncos in the Superbowl.  Sadly, it was a blowout, and we turned the game off at nine to watch Downton Abbey instead.

I had Monday off for some doctor appointments I had been waiting for, but we were greated with another freaking storm.  I’m really hella sick of this snow and ice.  We are supposed to have another one tonight into tomorrow.  UGH.  And then another next weekend.  Someone please fast forward the calendar to Spring?  We got in the car and headed to MD though, braving the snow and ice for my appointments.  First I met with my primary care, and got all my paperwork filled out to transfer to a Primary Care Physician closer to where we live.  From there, I headed down to the orthopaedist to get the final word on my knee surgery.

So, you know it’s never good news when your doctor is reading your MRI report and he goes, “Now that can’t be right.”  He shook his head, and then said he was going to look at the disc (thank goodness).  Five minutes later, with a furrowed brow, he comes in and says, “This is the worst knee I’ve seen in the history of my practice.”

I’m a winner!  LOL

So, he then went on to say that I have a torn MCL (what’s left of it), and everything is bone on bone.  I even have bone losss where the bones are rubbing together.  My patella (knee cap) is offset – over to the left.  I’d had this fixed in the past, but it’s drifted.  Luckily, instead of a full knee replacement (which requires sawing off part of my bones), he said there seems to be enough material to attempt the de novo cartalidge graft.  YAY!  Of course, the recovery sucks – 8 to 10 weeks in an immobilizer accompanied by no weight bearing at all on the leg.  The surgery is scheduled (tentatively) for February 26th.  I’ve taken off one week of work – 2/26 through 3/5 – for pain recovery and then I’ll be working from home for a while until I’m surer on my feet and surer that the snow will stay away.  I’m NOT taking short term this time around because it is a PITA.  Vacation, work from home, only five days of work missed.  Badabing.

I know, a lot of people have asked me why I don’t want to have the total knee replacement.  The thing is, if I have one now (and it requires the removal of bone tissue), I’ll have to have another in 20 years.  A 2nd surgery for knee replacement is dangerous.  They don’t generally go as well as the first one, and it requires having that bone sawed again.  With the de novo, I can buy myself some time.  I can get five or 10 more years out of my original knee and try to push off that knee replacement so I only have to have one.  It’s delaying the inevitable, but in the long run, it will ensure I can walk on my own for a while longer.

I also talked to the doctor about the last reaction I had with percosets – which thanks to my RNY – my pain killer of choice.  I’ve taken them for years during painful arthritis issues and following surgery with no issues.  Generally, they knock me out enough so that the pain is still there but uneventful, and I can get some sleep.  I take them only at night (except just following surgery) and I have no issues.  This last round, however, caused me to itch all over.  I mean, seriously wanted to scratch my face off.  Apparently, I have developed an allergy to them.  BOO.  So, he switched me over to vicoden.  I’ll have to remind him of that just before surgery.  But at least last night, I could sleep with out waking up screaming in pain every time I turned over.

Between you and I, I was secretly very relieved to get that MRI report back.  I was terrified all the pain in my knee was being caused by more cancer.

Yeah, it never goes away.


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