How Many More Days Until Spring?

This polar vortex can just take itself right back up to Canada. I’m sitting here at my office wrapped in two blankets and I’m still freezing!

Which leads into something that hasn’t happened in 18 months – my hot flashes. They have been non-existant during the day for the past three days. Nothing…nada…zip. Now, the night sweats have been horrible (guess it’s making up for the day), but the regular day time hot flashes seem to be getting fewer and far between.

Menopause sucks. In so many ways. My mood swings now are worse than they ever were when I had regular periods. Of course, what doesn’t help is that I’ve been off buspar for a full week thanks to my stupid mail order prescription plan. It came in last night, but takes a few days to get into my system. I’m snapping at everyone. Ugh.

I finally got around to my MRI yesterday. Now, I’ve had MRIs before, but this time, it was an all hands on deck freakout by the woman administering the MRI because I have had Radiation and Chemo in the past 12 months. She didn’t know if she was still allowed to administer the MRI and had to call to get my doctor’s ok. I had given them all this information ahead of time, so I’m not sure why we had to wait until five minutes before my appointment to freak out, but we did. Thankfully, my oncologists were both available at that hour of the morning. They were like, “Why are you calling me on this?” So they went ahead and did the MRI and I will finally find out this coming Monday what they are going to do about my knee.

In the meantime, my hip flexor is jacked up. I’m sure it is because of damage they did at PT last week. I went on Monday to the therapist and she shook her head and told me my body was sending out an all points “something’s wrong” bulletin. She was actually worried about my hip pain and asked me 90 bajillion questions about the type of pain I had when I had cancer and my hysterectomy. I explained to her that the pain I felt then (soft tissue pain) was different than what I was feeling now (my tendons are jacked up – causing joint pain in my back, hip, and knee). This is joint specific pain as opposed to soft tissue pain where there was no point of origin. That calmed her out a bit.

I’m kind of tired of everything wrong with me leading back to “OMG IS IT CANCER?” No – I’m 41, and spent years fat and damaging my poor joints. Let’s fix this!

So, there’s the update. Will probably update again Monday when I find out what they are going to do about more surgery.


One thought on “How Many More Days Until Spring?

  1. I know what you mean about menopause. Lupron induces menopause symptoms in men. It’s no fun.

    Hope the MRI tells you what you want. I’ll do some more chicken swinging.

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