Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

For the chicken swinging, inside out pj wearing, good thoughts, prayers, voodoo or whatever it was you did…

So, here’s the news I couldn’t talk about (didn’t want to jinx anything)…

After 6 and a half years of semi-successful self-employment, on February 4th, my honey will be gainfully employed with a full-time, honest to goodness, no contract, regular paycheck, government job!!!

No more wondering when or if another contract is coming down the pike…

No more having to supplement with DJing at crappy bars and weddings…

My honey is going to be a tax assessor for the county in which we live.

Amen and Hallelujah!

I’m so excited, and I know he feels better about himself. The type of tax he consulted on in MD doesn’t exist in DE, so the past nine months have been horrible…he took a temp job over the holidays at Amazon, which nearly killed him. No one wants to be walking 13 miles per day at 57 years old.

I’m so freaking proud of my husband. This has been a long time coming. He was really starting to get down on himself. He literally sent out hundreds of resumes a month with no response. Finally, he’s in with a government position. I told him to get in there, and grab on like there’s no tomorrow.

Finally a little ray of sunshine!


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