Stupid Snow and Random Post is Random

We got hammered with snow…over a foot, although I think the official numbers from the Wilmington Airport are 11.3. It was more than that in the backyard this morning when I let Mia out to potty. It is also 0 degrees with a negative 10 windchill. Can you say “Brrr?”

I’m taking another snow day here at home. They say the main roads are ok, and our building is open, but we had to dig out (and by we, I mean Bob) and since I do have the luxery of working from home, when it came down to bundling up over dress clothes or sitting here on my bed with my kitties, my pup and my sweats…well, you know where that went.

I’m looking out the window now and the wind keeps blowing the snow around. It almost looks as if it is still snowing. And no, it’s not pretty. It was, however, hysterical watching Mia play in the snow this morning. My huskey mix LOVES the snow. She loves to run in it, and play in it, and burry her head in the snow. She loves it if one of us goes out with her, and last night, Bob went out on the patio with her to shovel a path to the trashcans. He threw snow on her and she was going nuts, biting at it, and trying to “sneak up” on it. Goofy pup. She definitely has Siberian Huskey in her. My little sled dog in training.

Me, on the other hand…not so fond of this cold. Last night my arthritis was so bad I literally took to bed with a heating pad on my back. I had great intentions of sitting there and watching TV until I konked out exactly five minutes after getting comfy. I fell asleep at 7:30. I woke up again 2 hours later, and watched about an hour of TV with Bob, until he put on Justified. I don’t care for it so I went back to sleep. Tuesdays are a big TV night for me – I love The Biggest Loser, and Face-Off. I DVR’ed them both and will try to catch up later today.

I’m getting ready for a big exam at work, and have been working this morning on the project requirements and logistics for the exam, which will take place in Chicago. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to the opening meeting…makes me really enjoy my job – I get everything ready and then hand it off to another project manager who works on the actual exam and issues. It’s not like any of our exams would be in places I WANT to visit – our facilities are in Sioux Falls, or Chicago, or Grey, TN. Now, if we had a facility in Florida, I’d be fighting for that opening meeting. 🙂

My cancer awareness tattoo is making it’s rounds on Pinterest. People have been pinning it left and right. I’m actually kind of proud of it. And sadly, and now addicted to tattoos. I am getting another one (although, I haven’t told Bob yet). I’m going to have the word “fearless” tattooed somewhere in my own handwriting. I’m not sure where though…I’m thinking on my wrist, although I do have to be careful with visible tats because of my job. Maybe in the middle of my upper back. I would like to see it though. Decisions decisions.

No cancer-y news here, aside from the arthritis damage. I get my MRI tomorrow. I’m wondering if it will be a problem since I’m supposed to limit my exposure to radiation. Oh well, I have to get this knee taken care of and if that means an MRI then so be it.

Stay warm y’all.


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