Normal is Awesome

Although the start of our year was total crap (drama, strep throat, blah blah blah), it’s really shaping up to be quite awesome now.

I’m still going to PT three days a week. I don’t know if I mentioned that before, but my left knee is crap – all bone on bone, and the knee cap, which I had previously moved via a lateral release in 2008, has eeked its way back over to the left side. So, PT on that. Plus, I have tendonitis in my left elbow which they have been treating. My left side is essentially crap. I’m sensing another surgery in my future, but it is what it is. Aside from the PT, I feel good. Finally feel good.

Things are turning around for us financially. Again, can’t say anything UNTIL we get official word, but we finally may have some good news coming our way.

And, we can afford to take our annual vacation to Colorado this year. I have booked our rental car and made our hotel reservations. Our plane is going to be $528 round trip for BOTH UF US INCLUDING TAX. Woo hoo! Frontier flies out of Wilmington now with a direct flight to Denver.  It’s $95 one way.  We usually fly Southwest, but this price with taxes has Southwest beat by $200 and we don’t have to drive to Philly or Baltimore and pay for parking for a week – Mom can take us.  YAY!  Now to find a dog sitter.

Work is going well.  I have peaks and valleys in my job – sometimes I’m really busy, and sometimes not so much.  Right now is a busy time.  And I love the job.  LOVE IT.

Going back to Weight Watchers meetings starting Saturday, and then Bob and I have a date.  Thanks to Groupon, we’re getting $20 of Italian food at Mrs. Robino’s in Wilmington for $11.  Then thanks to a gift certificate we got for Christmas, we’re going to see The Hobbit at the IMAX downtown.  I am not exactly excited about seeing the Hobbit, but it’s what he wants to see, so…meh.   Lunch and  a movie for $11 for two people.  LOVE ME SOME GROUPON. 

So, essentially, life is getting back to a sense of normal.  And normal, well…it’s spectacular.  🙂

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