Nothing Like a Little Panic on a Monday

So, I just had an appointment a week ago with my medical oncologist and all was well.  All checked out ok.  No issues.

Aside from the issues I have had with missing the girly bits, everything was going a-ok.

And then I went to the bathroom.

Bright red blood.  Not just spotting.  Quite a bit of blood. 


I called my oncologist and he of course tells me that it’s probably nothing.

But he wants to see me.

Now if it is nothing, why do I have to go in?

He has always asked me if there has been any blood.  Never unless I’ve just had an exam, used the dialator, or had sexy time.  None of which has happened in the past 24 hours.

He said it may just be a result of the radiation and chemo I’ve had.

So he asked me to come in on Thursday afternoon.

Naturally, an hour later, the bleeding has stopped.  Only issue I’m having now is what feels like mild period cramps.  Which we all know isn’t possible because there’s nothing left in there to cause it.

Fingers crossed folks.


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