Having a Rough Go Of It

My heart is aching.  I had a talk with  Bob last night about it, although I don’t think he truly understands.

Mourning my fertility is not an easy process.

I’m considering talking to a grief counselor.

So many ifs going on…

If only we were financial stable…

If only we were in our own home again…

If only we weren’t as old as we are…

If only I could hold and kiss my own little one.

I know that I will get past this…that one day I’ll reach a point of acceptance.

Until then, my heart aches.

2 thoughts on “Having a Rough Go Of It

  1. I know it’s hard, my only advice is to seek a therapist. I think mine has helped me so much. You will always have bad days, it goes with the situation we have been put in, but you learn to deal with those bad days so that you have many more good days. A few steps forward, one step back…it may be that way always, but I’m sure someday it will hurt a little less.

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