A bonus post.  Two in one day!

I was browsing through my Facebook feed this morning and found a post by the official Facebook site for The Little Couple.  It’s one of my favorite shows, and since I have been bouncing around the idea of adoption, I’ve been pretty glued to it the past year or so watching Bill Klein and Jen Arnold become parents to Will from China and now Zoey from India.  This post this morning shook me.

Dr. Jen Arnold, who also has a rare form of skeletal displaysia, has just been diagnosed with Uterine Cancer – she has Choriocarcinoma, a rare form of uterine cancer that develops after an unsuccessful pregnancy.  Jen miscarried in September and when they went to India to pick up their daughter the following month, Jen had some significant bleeding.  She was unable to stay in India (Bill was able to pick up their daughter), and came home to find out her diagnosis.  Chemotherapy was unsuccessful, so she underwent a hysterectomy (very dangers for Jen due to her size).  Cure rate for this type of cancer is about 90%, which is one thing in Jen’s favor.

I’m adding Jen to my warrior prayer list.

What surprised me about the article (by People Magazine) was the cover.  I think Jen looks great for someone who has just recovered from a hysterectomy and is undergoing chemo.  Lucky her.  Of course, they played up the whole “new mom” and isn’t this a tragic thing that it has happened to a new mom?  Of course it’s tragic.  Any young woman battling cancer is tragic.  Any older woman battling cancer is tragic.  In fact, anyone at all battling cancer is tragic.

My advice to Jen?  Fight Like a Girl.


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