Getting Back To Basics

I think when I got my cancer diagnosis, all my other defenses for my health took a backseat.  When I say this, I mean, my bariatric diet went out the door.  I had lots of excuses in my head…I felt like crap so I should get the calories in that I could…maybe it wasn’t important to lose weight as much as it was to be alive…blah blah blah.

Now, here I sit, 16 months into remission, nearly a year after completing my treatments, and I’m still eating whatever. the. hell. I. want.

This is not good.

I’m up into a weight region I swore I’d never get to again.  And losing it now, well, it’s really really hard.  Hormone imbalances are real barriers to losing weight.  And I’m not getting any younger, which makes this a tough fight.

So, I’m going to get back to basics.

Back to my protein shakes.

Back to my bariatric portions.

Back to paying attention to what the hell goes into my mouth.

It’s time to get this weight back off.

Starting now.


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