I felt it coming on Tuesday afternoon.

That dreaded tickle in the back of your throat.  The incessant nose running.  The general feeling of “ick” that hits you.

By Tuesday night, it was a full on no holds barred cold.


I woke up on Wednesday morning knowing full well that I wasn’t going to work.  Thanks to cancer treatments earlier in the year though, I am out of sick time until the first of the year.  Thankfully, I have the ability to work from home, so I did Wednesday and Thursday.  I belive in not spreading my germs when I’m sick unlike some people who feel the need to drag themselves into an office of people and infect everyone else (which is more than likely how I caught the dreaded ick to start with).

I knew I was really sick because the thought of coffee did nothing for me.

I know!

I’m back in the office today, even though my nose is still running and I’m still coughing.  According to my doctor, and the internet (in that order) I was most contageous Tuesday and Wednesday.  Plus, I have to take a half day Monday to go to see my medical oncologist.  Not that my boss cares….she doesn’t.  In fact, she’s not actually here.  I think the last time I saw her was two weeks ago.  I just felt bad not coming in to work.

I hope I’m really feeling better tomorrow.  I am supposed to go to Glen Burnie to get my tattoos.  She sent me the first mock up and I’m excited.

Fought Like A Girl

Please do not share this as it has been designed just for me!  The ribbon will be peach on the outside, and teal on the inside to honor my sister Betsy who had ovarian cancer.  I’m so excited to see what it is going to look like!

Send me “non cold” thoughts!



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