30-Day Blog Challenge Wrap Up: Days 28 – 30

Day 28 – Do I wish for anything at 11:11?  nope.  🙂

Day 29:  a picture of myself:

devilishly me

Day 30:  Talk about anything I want to…

Well, today was my follow-up with my radiation oncologist.  I didn’t really have any issues “cancer-wise” and he reviewed my scans from September and is happy as a clam.  He wanted to touch my hair (LOL) and asked if I had curly hair before.  I did, but when it came back it, it came in really tightly curled, and it remains that way. 

What I did cover with him, was the fact that I have a lot of scar tissue down there.  Hey, you came to a blog about hysterectomies, so we’re gonna talk about vajayjays.  Mine is all scarred up on the inside, from surgery, from radiation, from brachytherapy, and from chemo.  As a result, things are not “right” down there.  I have been using a dialator since finishing chemo in February, but it hasn’t done anything.  It’s a harsh and rigid environment.   We have attempted sexy times twice and both were epic fails.  I mean, we can do everything but PIV, and that was ok with my husband (and still is…actually) while he was going through a period of depression and experiencing low T.  But now, things are waking up for him down there somewhat, and I haven’t exactly been a willing participant.  Because, well, there’s a lot of anxiety involved, and well, because it hurts.  It rips and tears, and that sucks.  After using a dialator every day for the past eight months, without improvement, we are going to do a few things.  1)  We are going to graduate up to the next size dialator.  Crap.  I have to pick it up next week at his office in Baltimore.  That should be fun.  The using it, not the picking it up part.  And yes, I do speak sarcasm.  2)  More surgery.  YAYAY.  haha.  NOT.  I am supposed to speak to my gynecological oncologist next week to talk to him about going in and removing the scar tissue from my vajayjay.  I am really hoping this will be done while I am asleep.  Because I do not want to be awake for that.  HELLS NO.  It does need to be done, not just to increase the sexy times with my husband, but also so they can have an adequate view of the hoohah when going for my cancer follow ups.  90% of the time, if my cancer comes back, it comes back on the vaginal cuff, which is the end of my vagina where my cervix used to be.  Or, it metathesis, which we don’t want.  I’ll tell you more about that when I see my gynecological oncologist next week.

What I also spoke to my radiation oncologist about was the prospect of having a third knee surgery.  Yes, I KNOW I only have two knees.  LOL  I had microbrasion on my left knee five years ago (almost six!) to scrape away arthritis, and do a lateral release of my knee cap which was dislocated as a teenager.  Two years ago, I had surgery on my right knee because of traumatic arthritis, and they went in and gave me a cartilage graft.  This surgery worked MUCH better but has a much longer recovery time.  My left knee is craptastic once again, and I spoke to my orthopedist about doing the graft on my left knee.  He’s more than willing to do it, but he also wanted me to get the opinion of my oncologists first, to see if my system was going to be strong enough for the surgery.  The radiation oncologist says he is ok with it, and sees no reason at all not to proceed.  I will have to have PT first to build up my muscles, and then I will have the sugery, followed by 6 to 8 weeks in an imobilizer, putting no weight what-so-ever on my leg. This is all done in order to eventually put off knee replacement surgery. So, it looks like I’ll be having two surgeries early next year.

In other cancer news, I am doing great.  I have healed well from the radiation and chemo, with no scar tissue in the internal organs, and no major side effects.  The cancer stays at bay, and as long as it is gone by the time I go back to my oncologist in March, my survival chances increased to 60%.  YAY.   Come on February!  They will NOT be doing any more CT scans unless I show symptoms (I have not).  So, all in all, I am now in remission 16 months and counting.  And that’s a good good thing.

I hope everyone has had a pleasant Turkey day!


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