I Wonder If I Can Get A Prescription

I am working hard at learning everything I can about endometrial cancer, but I don’t think there are enough people out there serving the community as advocates for preventing gynecological cancers. This morning, I came across this article from MedScape.com.


The article basically indicates that losing weight and getting healthy and active are great ways to help prevent endometrial cancer. Which makes sense, because if you are at a healthy weight, those pesky hormones can’t hide in your fat cells and bulk up. Endometrial cancer is often attributed to women who have been overweight, because hormones like to hide in fat cells and build up. When you lose the weight, it helps regulate your hormones. However, if you are morbidly obese, as I was, the danger is when you lose weight quickly (as I did), those hormones get confused. They have no where to go, and this can lead to endometrial or ovarian cancer, especially in those that are predisposed to the disease. I have Lynch Syndrome – a mutation in the gene combinations that can cause colon cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. (This information is NOT from that article – it was given to me in the education I got from my genetic counselor and my gynecological oncologists).

But that’s not all this article indicates. This article indicates that regular coffee consumption can also help PREVENT endometrial cancer.


Did you see what I said there?


No one loves coffee more than I do. Believe me. The only thing I love MORE than chocolate? Coffee.


There are some other interesting things in that article about getting healthy exercise and cutting out carb heavy diets, which I’m working on. My goal is to keep my cancer in remission for as long as possible. I think I’ll run out and get me a lifetime supply of coffee.


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