A Short Break from the 30 Day Blog Challenge to Gripe About Cancer

So, I was actually having a pretty terrific day.  Energy, facing a light day at work…I’ve got my gym bag packed and have checked my calendar and will be able to make the gym nearly every day this week.  And, I had a visit for the old Wooshie fairy last week, and lost five pounds (holy smokes!).  To top it all off, I was able to get on my size 6 wedding ring today for the first time in a few months.

And then I ate breakfast, and the cancer leftovers got me.

You see, my innards, well, they have been through a lot.  Gastric bypass surgery, and then extreme amounts of radiation and chemo.  When I underwent radation (a year ago this month!!) I actually had to endure 45 minutes of radiation at a time – 25 minutes on the upper torso to get all the areas where the cancer had spread into my lymph nodes, and then 20 minutes on the lower pelvic area to get the area where the uterus and ovaries were prior to their exit.  Then I had three sessions of brachytherapy, where they actually inserted a radioactive rod in my nether parts.

That’s a lot of radiation on the parts of the system that process the food. 

What they don’t often tell you when you get radiation is that the after effects may never go away.

I can wake up feeling totally great, and the minute the food hits the system, I get overwhelmed with nausea and hot flashes, that can last anywhere from just five minutes to all day.

Today, I think it’s going to be an all day gig.

And before you ask, it doesn’t matter what food I throw in the chute.  I haven’t been able to face eggs in the morning since chemo.  Mostly, I do greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast, with some kind of whole grain cereal.  And that’s what I had today.  Three bites in, and all systems said, “Oh, sorry, you wanted to eat today?  HAHAHAHA no.”

At least I got my coffee in.  And probably about 16 oz of water already.

It’s been about half an hour, and I’m still feeling quesy, so that means I will have to pop a zofran (some cancer patients are on them long after treatments are over) in order to get through the rest of the day.

Now, in no way does this mean I’m having a BAD day.  Just means that I’m feeling kind of quesy and icky.  Hopefully, that will turn around.  I have a life to live here!!

Have a great Monday folks!  And can someone please eat breakfast for me? That would be awesome!

5 thoughts on “A Short Break from the 30 Day Blog Challenge to Gripe About Cancer

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having digestive problems. I sadly know what you mean about the side effects of radiation being permanent. I, too, have stomach problems due to radiation. Just another part of the new normal.

  2. mornings are the worst. I have to take chemo pills with food every morning and most days the idea of food alone turns my stomach. I’m a yogurt kindof girl myself, but there are days when yogurt does not sit right. Bananas seem to work ok. But sometimes, sick is just sick, nothing, not even water goes down well. ugh.

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