30 Day Blog Challenge

In an UN-cancery- note, I am going to take part in the 30-day Blog Challenge, so you can get to know a little more about the person behind the adenocarcinoma. 

Since we are on day 13 of the month, I’ll catch up with 1 – 13 here, and then we’ll move on tomorrow.  Fun!

Day 1 – some basic things about me….

  • I have worked in the finance/banking industry for my entire career.  I graduated college with a degree in English Literature.  🙂
  • I LOVE popcorn.  Seriously.  And not microwave popcorn either…fresh popped, on the stove.
  • I’ve never tried pot.
  • My favorite thing to do is curl up with a grandbaby on my lap or a furbutt snuggling with me.  That’s my happy place.
  • I have had not one but two serious dog bites that sent me to the hospital.  Both from the same dog, about four years apart.  And it was my dog.

Day 2 – 10 Likes and Dislikes:


  1. A summer day with my toes burried in the sand reading a book on the beach.
  2. Chocolate
  3. Books – not just reading, but actual books – the feel in my hand, the smell of the pages…Love!
  4. Zoos – I love animals
  5. Humphry Bogart movies
  6. Horror flicks
  7. Marsh Mud ice cream from the Island Creamery in Chincoteague, VA (it’s dark chocolate ice cream)
  8. Hugs from my husband – they are the best.
  9. Pedicures
  10. Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked Meyer Lemon Hard Working Hand & Body Cream – that shit is the bomb.


  1. Hospital smells
  2. Marigolds – I think they look like weeds
  3. People who crack their gum – I don’t dislike the people, but the action of cracking gum drives me bananas
  4. Brussel Sprouts
  5. Intolerant People
  6. Pears – never did get a taste for them
  7. Snakes
  8. Spiders (both ick me out)
  9. Meetings scheduled during the last hour of the work day or on Fridays.
  10. The taste of Liver.  Blech

Day 3 – My day, in great detail:

Well….a typical week day for me….

  • Alarm goes off at 5am.  I stumble to the bathroom and shower and then stare at the closet hating my wardrobe and all the weight I’ve gained.  Get dressed in something I hate, put on make up, take blood sugar and morning meds and head downstairs.
  • Go across the street and throw the neighbor’s paper on their step (she has stage 4 breast cancer with mets and can’t navigate the driveway anymore) and then grab our paper.  Head downstairs to clean kitty boxes and pull something out of the freezer for dinner.  Back upstairs to take the icky litter outside and let the dog out.  Feed the squirrels and birds, yell at the dog to “come on already!” and then head back inside.
  • Make coffee for me (keurig) and my hubby (mr. coffee – he doesn’t like Keurig – I KNOW!)  Feed kitties.  Feed dog.  Get work bag ready.  Watch something I DVR’ed from the night before.  Head out for work at 7:30.
  • Work at 8.  No typicality to my word day.  Depends on the day. 
  • 11:30am to 12:30pm – if I don’t have a meeting, I head to the gym. 
  • 12:30 – grab lunch on the go – back at my desk.
  • 5:00pm – off work.  Travel home.
  • 5:45 or so, dinner, then dishes, then pack lunches for me and the hubster
  • 6:00, jammies and hanging with my mom and the furbutts.  Bob doesn’t get home until 7.
  • 7:00 – heat up Bob’s dinner and sit with him while he eats.
  • 8:00pm – let dog out for last time (again with the “Come on already!!).  Play with dog for a few minutes.  Grab my kindle and veg.
  • 8:30 or 9 – head up to bed with hubs – watch tv in bed until I zonk out.

Day 4 – Meaning behind my tumblr name – well…I don’t have one.  But my handle here is Goldeygrad97.  Simple really – I got my MBA from Goldey-Beacome College in 1997.  Ta-da.

Day 5 – Five places I want to visit

  1. Hawaii
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. France
  5. Puerto Rico

Day 6 – Musician that is most important to me – easy one – Karen Carpenter.  Reminds me of my childhood.

Day 7 – Do I read?  Yes!!  Favorite books – To Kill a Mockingbird, any Shakespeare, The Wind in the Willows, The Harry Potter series, and the Hunger Games books

Day 8 – Three things I want to say to different people:

  1. I want to tell my oldest sister how much I loved her and still love her.
  2. To my mom – please stop criticizing my husband…he’s trying really hard.
  3. To my oncologist – thank you.  But somehow, it just doesn’t seem enough.

Day 9 – Pet Peeves

  • gum cracking
  • hearing people chew
  • whistling
  • people who are on their cell phones when they are driving

All caught up!



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