Stress Makes Me Sick…Literally

I had a regularly scheduled appointment yesterday with my primary care physician, because despite being treated for cancer, I also have type 2 diabetes (controlled) and high blood pressure (controlled) and high cholesterol (controlled).  I go to see my PCP every six weeks or so, to keep tabs on my HGBA1C, blood pressure, and whine to him about my latest arthritis pain.

Yesterday was my regular diabetes check and a follow-up from my unfortunate run-in with the Chicken Pox last summer.  I spoke to the RN who took me back about my recent health history, and told her I was concerned due to a couple of things.  One – I’ve gained 30 pounds since my hysterectomy.  Now, this is not uncommon, and even LESS uncommon for people who are on Buspar – the anti-anxiety meds I have taken ever since I finished up my chemo treatments and the “OH SHIT I HAVE CANCER” feelings would not go away. 

Two – my blood sugars have been elevated the past month or so.  Now, people who have type 2 will probably look at me cross-eyed when I say elevated, because when I have an elevated fasting sugar, it means it’s around 140.  And this past month or so, every few days, my blood sugars have been around 140.  Now, this is not an everyday thing.  Some days, it’s right as rain between 90 and 110 (my normals).  I get concerned because ever since my RNY, my HGBA1Cs (with the exception of the 6 chemo treatments I had that involved steroids) run under 6.0.  This time, my HGBA1C was over 7.5.  This raised a big old red flag for me. 

Three – my spinal stenosis has been unhappy as of late.  This I directly attributed to the freaking season change.

Four – the anti-anxiety meds weren’t cutting it.  Panic attacks, unable to sleep, stressed out to the point where I’d break out crying or yell at my husband for no reason.  No buenos.

She wrote down my concerns, took my weight (ugh…ugh ugh ugh) and blood pressure (120/70 yay!) and said the doctor would see me shortly.

When Dr. B walked in, this first thing out of his mouth was, “What’s up with your blood sugar and weight?”

Well, that’s why I’m here.  Duh.

So, we talked about my eating habits and my exercise (I really am kicking butt with going to the gym).  And we talked about what he wanted me to stick to when it came to sugar grams (less than 10 per item).

And then we started talking about the anxiety issues.  And where they stem from.  I really am under a huge amount of stress with our home situation, putting our house on the market, my hubby only having temporary employment (Um, did I mention he did not get paid last week?), my car needing brakes, my hubby’s car needing a new alternator…the list goes on.  Plus, there’s the whole, “OMG I HAD CANCER WHAT IF IT COMES BACK?????” thing that I deal with on a moment by moment basis.

Now this is where the discussion got interesting.  My doctor told me that a lot of my problems (weight gain, high blood sugars, back pain, tendon spasms, lack of sleep, etc) were all stress related.  I had to heal my unconscious mind in order to heal my body.  He recommended a book.  It’s called the The Mindbody Prescription:  Healing the Body, Healing the Pain by John Sarno.  Now, he full said that this book flies in the face of modern medicine, but it makes sense.  I mean, every time I’ve been under stress in the past, my body has turned to stress eating, which has led to weight gain.  It also has led to higher blood sugars, and headaches, and higher blood pressure…all of those things that I’m currently going through.  It wasn’t too hard for me to buy into the premise.  So, I’m going to get the book (for my kindle…$7.99 this payday).  I will read it and review it here.

Now, my doctor also recognized that we needed something immediately to relieve the issues I’m having, so he upped my Buspar to 10mg 3 times per day (I was currently on it twice a day), and he added back in Metformin to help with the blood sugars.  Which reminds me, I need to get a new glucometer, because Express Scripts will no longer cover my strips.  Boo.

So, stay tuned.  I’m going to get the book, and test it out.  I plan on filling you in on how it goes later.


3 thoughts on “Stress Makes Me Sick…Literally

  1. Anxiety is one of my biggest problems as well. I keep a stash of Xanax for times when it’s really bad. I hope the book has some good ideas. Looking forward to your review.

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