If You’ll Be My Dixie Chicken, I’ll Be Your Tennessee Lamb…

My honey started a new job today.  That deserves a big old Wooo Hoooo!!! 

He’s working at Amazon as a temporary employee for the holidays, but it just might be something that turns into a permanent gig.  And again…

Ever since Bob decided to become “self-employed”, we’ve essentially been living on my salary and funds from his savings.  His job was great because he had a lot of time at home, and was essentially “semi-retired.”  He hasn’t actually done any tax consulting in years, and most of the income he did get came from DJing.  Which has thinned out a lot over the past year.  In fact, since we moved to DE, he hasn’t had any income, which has been really tough. 

As we’ve been living on one salary, and dealing with all kinds of medical treatments and bills, and moving, and taking care of my mother, we have not had an actual “real” (wow – I’m quote-y today) vacation in years.  We used to go to Colorado every Spring to visit his family but we haven’t been able to afford the trip in the past two years.  Not to mention, I was pretty sick last Spring, recovering from my last round of chemo.

Now that he’s got some income coming in, I find myself fantasizing about a vacation.  It’s not going to happen until we get our house sold, but yeah…I’m fantasizing.

My sister and her husband went to New Orleans a few weeks ago.  And then her daughter and HER husband also went to New Orleans the week after.  I’ve always wanted to go to NOLA.  I have had trips planned three times, and every single time, something has happened that has put the trip on hold.  The first two times, it was for work, and the conference got cancelled.  The last time, we were one week away from our trip (hotel reservations set, plane tickets purchased, tours planned) and Katrina hit.  And don’t you know, the airlines didn’t want to refund my airfare?  Yup.  Told me the airport was still open.  Um, YEAH, for search and rescue flights.  Ugh.

So, in my mind, I’m planning a trip to The Big Easy.  I’m thinking that once we get the house sold (which will free up approximately $1500 per month that we’ll no longer have to pay on the mortgage) then we can start sacking money away for a trip to New Orleans. 

So many things I want to do there.  I’m thinking it might just be a two week trip.  🙂

Besides, I DESERVE a vacation.  I beat cancer!  I moved back in with my mother!  I am a smart, beautiful woman who deserves to party it up in the Big Easy!!!  Right?

This is where you nod your head enthusiastically.

So, that means today, I make the call to the realtor.  Keep your fingers crossed that we can get this house sold soon.

Because Cafe Du Monde is calling me.


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