Happy Halloween!! And Breast Cancer Awareness Month….


This is sadly true today.  LOL…

Work has been slow this week, and I’ve taken about every single training class I can take.  And I am B.O.R.E.D.

So, I decided to Blog…about Pinktober.

Today is the last day of Pinktober….or Breast Cancer Awareness month.

You know, I can totally understand why there is such a hullabalu about bewbs in October, and any kind of cancer awareness is my kind of cancer awareness, but sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if we made as big of a fuss over other types of cancer…especially the types of cancer that are more related to Lynch Syndrome – endometrial, ovarian and colon cancer.

I mean, can you image Ass Cancer Awareness Month?  Would everything be brown instead of pink? 

I joke.  I joke.  I know cancer is a serious thing.

But sometimes, I think those of us who have been there and done that, well, hell, if we can’t laugh at it, then who can?

Seriously – there is a month dedicated to certain cancer awareness…September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month – obviously, something that is near and dear to my heart.  And to be honest, while I wish there were more awareness and education on gynae cancers, I’m glad they don’t pump it up to the level that they do October and Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I mean, the “Save the Tatas” signs are cute and all, but could you image the same for gynae cancers?  Would someone have a cutsie bumper sticker that said, “Save the Hoochie!”  “Feel Your Ovaries!” 

Um, yeah.

In all seriousness, the marketing that has come into play with Breast Cancer Awareness month is over the top.  It is disgusting to see so many companies marketing “pink” everything when you know darned well that the proceeds from the products doesn’t actually go to cancer research.  I mean, even the NFL gets in on it…because what do most red blooded American Men love more than football?  BOOBs.

Awareness = Education.

I want to become an advocate for women suffering from gynae cancers.  I don’t think there are enough people out there to speak about them.  We need to celebrate our successes, mourn our losses, and get more education into why estrogen plays such havoc on our girly parts.  And treatment has such a profound affect on us as women. 

Millions of women each month are diagnosed with some form of gynecological cancers.  You are taught each year to pay attention to your boobs, but not so much on the other parts.  And perhaps it is because our symptoms are masked by so many other things.  Heavy periods…well, that could be a symptom of so many things.  Hip and back pain?  Oh, that’s arthritis.  Fatigue?  You are wife, and a mother, and have a career – of course you are tired!!

We need a month of all out education so that women can advocate for themselves.  Sometimes, we can go for months complaining of our symptoms and being told that they are due to other causes.  Honestly folks…would you really think of calling your gynecologist if your hip hurt?  I didn’t.  I saw my primary care, my orthopaedist, and a rhematalogist before I ever got sent to my gynecologist.

So, let’s get the word out there.  Pay attention to your symptoms!  Be your own advocate!  Educate yourself!

Fight like a girl!

I did!


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!! And Breast Cancer Awareness Month….

  1. I think this often. I actually find myself annoyed at times with the attention breast cancer gets and then I feel horrible about it. But let’s be honest, noone minds talking about boobs and the survival rate of those with breast cancer has gone up significantly over the past decade. I have colon cancer, seriously, who wants to talk about that? But if we are to get the funding and research to raise our survival rates, it is absolutely important for us to talk about those things we were told were impolite to talk about in public! Poop, periods, and cramps unite! ; )

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