The past two weeks have been a whirlwind and I’m exhausted.

Last Monday, I had to go to Baltimore to see my oncologist, and then I worked from our Baltimore offices.  I got home at 7, studied until 9, and then had group meeting for class until 10.  Then I passed out in bed.

Tuesday, my birthday, I had to go to NYC for work.  Left Wilmington at 6am.  Left NYC at 5pm.  Home by 6:30pm.  Dinner.  Microsoft Project demo from 8pm to 10pm for class.  Fell in bed.

Wednesday – back to work in Wilmington.  Full day of meetings.  FULL. DAY. OF. MEETINGS.  Then I had to type of the minutes from the meeting I had been in NYC for the day before.  Came home by 5, cooked dinner, studied until 9.  Class team meeting from 9 to 10.

Thursday:  Work.  Dinner.  Football.  Eagles lost.  I was not happy.

Friday – work.  All day waiting for deliverables for an upcoming exam.  7 meetings.  Was supposed to leave work at 4:30 but because I was waiting for other people to give me stuff, it wasn’t to happen.  Stuck at work until 5:15.  Dinner with my honey for my birthday at Nora Lee’s French Quarter Bistro – service was great – food not so much.  Then BJs for cat litter, and Shop-Rite for groceries.  Home by 9:30.  Put groceries away.  Fell. In. Bed.

Saturday – trip to my niece’s for her housewarming.  Ended up spending the night.  Against my better judgment.  Husband had too much to drink.  Mom left with car.  Not able to get ahead on this week’s reading for class.

Sunday – left my niece’s about 9.  Stopped at farmer’s market and got stuff for dinner.  Home by 12:30 or so.  Laundry. Cooking.  Finally got to homework about 3.  Finished two chapters in my physical text.  Got ready to read the two chapters in my other text on my kindle, and my kindle crapped out.  Damn.  Studied until 9.  Fell. In. Bed.

Monday – work half a day.  Schlep to Cardiologist in MD in afternoon while Bob packs up stuff from old house.  Got put on low carb diet because studies show people with heart defects who have also had hormonal cancers live longer on low carb (hmmm).  Threw away brand new box of pumpkin pie pop tarts.  I am sad.  Got home at 5:30.  Unloaded car.  Put together my desk (was using a tiny desk in my office which was no bueno).  Heated up dinner – chicken and green beans.  Studied until 9.  Group Meeting from 9 to 10.  Fell. In. Bed.

Today – finally a somewhat normal day.  A few meetings, a lot of follow-up.  But I got to the gym today (yay), and I’m eating low carb (boo).  I think I’m going to get done at a normal time today, and will head home to cook dinner.  I need to catch up on the two chapters I haven’t been able to read yet, and do some follow up for our group project.  My plan is to be in bed by 9.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*gasp*HAHAHAHAHAHA

My appointment with my cardiologist went well.  He is happy with the sounds of my ticker, but brought up that there could be potential damage as a result of where I was radiated.  He’s going to keep any eye on it.  He also told me that radiation really does a job on the old circulatory system, so he’s going to keep a closer eye on me.  Every six months instead of every 12.

I need a nap.  Or a clone.

Oh, and on a TMI note – Bob and I attempted sexy time for the first time since I finished my treatments this weekend.  Not so sexy.  Ouch.  Gotta work on that.


3 thoughts on “*Waves*

  1. Wow what a busy week! It made me exhausted just reading about it. Re: sexy time…congrats. I wish I could say it gets better, but I’m right there with ya sista! I didn’t even have radiation, and I feel like a young girl losing her virginity every time we try. Good luck catching up with your reading. I hope this week is much calmer for you.

  2. Wow! I’m tired just reading all your activities. It’s great you’re up for this level of activity.

    About that low carb diet, you can have all the steak and martinis you want. It isn’t all bad.

    • Steak and Martinis are worth it! The carb headache sucks though.

      I am not sure I am “up” to so much activity, but really have no choice. Work is nuts and everything else is life. No time to dwell on cancer-y things though!

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