Commemorating My Fight

I have thought about how I can memorialize my battle against cancer. This blog is one way, but I really want something personal, something that says, “I am a bad ass”, something that marks me as a fighter. Marks me…hmmmm

I have always been conservative when it comes to my body. For years and years I said I would never get a tattoo.

Then I got cancer.

Ever since I completed treatment, I wanted to get a peach cancer ribbon with the words, “I fought like a girl.” In two months I am getting one.

My friend recommended an artist in MD. She is going to design it for me.

Can’t wait to share the end result!


4 thoughts on “Commemorating My Fight

  1. awesome! I already have my tattoo designed. It is a blue cancer ribbon with wings and it has an ambagram of the two words, “survivor and fortitude.” Now if I can just get off the avastin that causes bleeding, I’ll be right with you!

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