Turning 21 For the 20th Time

Needless to say, this time last year was not so good.  I had just had major surgery to remove a whole lot of my innards (and lymph nodes); I had a brand new cancer diagnosis; and I had just undergone the first of six rounds of chemo.  So, when my 40th birthday approached last year, I wasn’t exactly one of those who was all, “Oh NOES…I’m OLD…MY 40th BIRFDAY IS TEH EVIL.”  I was happy to even be having a birthday considering all I had gone through, but a birthday celebration was not at the top of my list.

So, here I am, one year later.  It is my 41st birthday.  And I feel as if I am in a different world from the previous year.  I am recovered from surgery (although, still having hot flashes).  I completed treatments six months ago.  I am cancer-free.  I have transitioned to a new and interesting job, and I’m sitting here today in an office on the 34th floor of a building overlooking Manhattan working today.  I wish, of course, that this was my regular office, but I’m only here for the day.  Regardless, it is an interesting job, with an opportunity to travel and get my name out there in the company.  I am half way through my 2nd master’s degree and plugging away at a new class on Project Management.

I am living life.

And what’s more important?  I’m loving life.

I missed the big “whoopdedoo” so to speak with turning 40.  I was too busy having cancer.

There will be no whoopdedoo turning 41.  Traveling for work, followed by a 2 hour online conference in Microsoft Project for my class, and maybe dinner out with my hubby this weekend.

But I’m damned glad it has happened – considering everything I went through to make sure I’d have a 41st birthday.

So, in my quest for finding normal, I suppose this is it.  Just another day in my otherwise “normal” but remarkable life.

Happy 20th anniversary of my 21st birthday.  May there be 40 more.  🙂


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