September is National Gynecological Awareness Month

September is National Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month. A year ago, I had just had my first infusion and cancer was all very new to me. I think back now on all the symptoms I had that masked themselves as something else.

Ladies, pay attention to your bodies. Gynecological cancer symptoms are frequently masked as other things. I had persistent hip pain for over a year prior to my diagnosis. My doctor dismissed it, but I was adamant with my doctor that something wasn’t right.

I had periods so heavy I had to wear Depends. I had headaches and a fever and swelling. And it was diagnosed as a virus.

Listen to your body. Be persistent with your doctors. Get in his ear. Demand a vaginal ultra sound.

I was nearly too late. By the time My doctors found the cancer, I was at a stage 3.

Your body is your best tell. Listen to it.


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