Graduate Classes in a Post Chemo World

Grad classes are a hell of a lot of work and that is true no matter who you are.  I just spent 12 hours working on homework today.  12 hours.  Two chapters, two chapter outlines, an individual assignment, deliverables for the group work.  I still have to answer the conference questions, and do the team group work this week.

And I am exhausted.

To top all that off, when fitting in the group work this week, I have to manage to do it between working five days (two of which I’ll be traveling out of the state), starting physical therapy for tennis elbow, attending a microsoft project conference, holding two team meetings for school from 9 to 10 pm this week, and working in at least three workouts.

Oh, and I have an oncology appointment tomorrow.

Work like this was tough BEFORE cancer.  Handling it now while my system is rebuilding itself it pure torture.

But I can’t postpone my classes anymore.  If I do, I risk not graduating.  And I’m not dropping out.  2015 is my deadline to finish.  And I’m damned sure going to do it, come hell or high water.  Or more chemo.  Hopefully not the last one.

On a side note, much of my husband’s family is in Colorado.  There is much flooding where they are.  My nephew and his wife and their 4 week old baby have been evacuated from their home and are staying with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  My elderly aunt and uncle are in Commerce City and have been told they may have to evacuate.  I have a friend who owns a rental home in Estes Park.  It’s a mess there.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Now, I’m going to bed.

2 thoughts on “Graduate Classes in a Post Chemo World

  1. I find post-treatment suffering worse than treatment in the sense that I no longer am single-minded. During treatment I asked myself, do you need to do this to keep going? If the answer was yes, then I did it. Everything else had to wait. Now I juggle even more stressors and feel some guilt when I’m not able to cope. I know rationally that this is unrealistic, so I deal with it by trying to be kind to myself. I take breaks even when I think I could/should push on. I try not to promise things to others so no one feels let down. When I promise things I try to build in time for things to go wrong. I guess that I’m treating myself the way I would treat a friend under stress. I’m trying to be kind to me.

  2. It is funny. I worked so hard to finish my Ph.D. while going through chemo. Now, I am supposed to be working with my publisher to turn my dissertation into a book. I still am taking chemo pills, have chemo brain and fatigue and I just cannot seem to push myself to start the first chapter. Just going to work every day is difficult enough. I really want to write the book for the sake of my career , but I spent 10 years writing my dissertation. Thus, just the idea of pulling it apart and rewriting it makes me overwhelmingly tired!

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