Finding Normal

I think that the hardest part of having cancer is finding your normal. Cancer, it’s symptoms, it’s stigma, it’s recovery all contribute to a host of things that completely change your “normal.”

I am learning to deal with my new normal. In fact, I am taking it as a challenge to build my new normal like the old 6 Million Dollar (Wo)Man. Better, faster, stronger… And if you are too young to know who the bionic man was, well, think Iron Man with a lot less iron. And cheesier side effects. Like running in slow motion.

I have started back to school. I have started back to paying attention to my bariatric diet. I have started exercising. I joined the Y. I want to build in more good habits and get rid of some of the bad ones.

Finding normal is an evolutionary journey, and honestly, so far I am enjoying the trip.

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