Nothing Quite Like Hot Flashes and Night Sweats…in August.

So, here we are, a year out from my hysterectomy, and things are still, well, not quite back to normal.  I guess they probably never will be.  Surgical menopause IS different from natural menopause because you are thrown into it.  And it kind of sucks.

I was hoping by now that the hot flashes would kind of calm down.  And during the day, they had.  Night sweats, well, not so much.  But lately, this past week, they hot flashes during the day have stepped up their game.  Nothing like being in in a feezing cold office only to be struck by a hot flash and feel like you are going to combust from the inside.  Then you get all sweaty, and just as quickly as it starts, it’s over.  And you are sweaty, and once again in a freezing office.  So you are even colder.

Boo.  Boo on that, I say.

Other things are still not what they should be.  I have been stretching the old vajayjay as prescribed, but it is still tight and scarred down there.  Gyno exams hurt, and I tend to tear.  And they keep asking if Bob and I have had relations.  Um, no.  Haven’t tried it yet.  First of all, with the big old lack of hormones floating around, the desire isn’t really front and center.  Plus, deep down, I’m scared it will be painful, and I don’t want to throw him off and have him feel like it’s his fault.  Plus there is that whole “My mom is in the next room thing” which was exciting in highschool, but now that I’m nearly 41, not so much.

I am trying to take steps to make the menopause go easier.  Cleaner eating (not totally clean, as I don’t buy into that, and neither does my oncologist), a lot more exercise, and trying to get back to “normal.”  Plus, Bob and I are going to try to “get away” a little more.  Just some time for us – date nights, week ends away…

I guess this is my new normal.  Wonder how long it will be until I’m actually used to it?


3 thoughts on “Nothing Quite Like Hot Flashes and Night Sweats…in August.

  1. You don’t have to put up with it! I went into early menopause because of chemotherapy and had massive problems, not least of which was the total death of sexual desire. I was told repeatedly that I just needed time, or exercise or whatever and had my concerns brushed off. The sexual problems in particular were not taken seriously. I ended up wanting to kill the people who told me that ‘sex is all in the brain’. Eventually I insisted on a hormone blood test and it showed extremely low levels to non-existent levels of some hormones. Even if you choose not to use HRT, at least if you know what your hormone levels are you can work out some kind of programme. In my case I chose HRT and not a lot happened for the first three months, but afterwards I went back to feeling ‘normal’ on every level. I know HRT isn’t for everybody, especially if you’ve had an reproductive cancer, but at least if you can identify exactly what the hormonal problem is, you have some options.

    • Endometrial cancer is a cancer fed by hormones. HRT is completely off the table. My gyno oncologist takes my concerns seriously but also realizes a lot is related to not only hormones but is psychological due to vaginal trauma. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. You are a treasure! The idea of my mom being in the next room has made me laugh–hard. I hope the “first time” proves to be better than you now fear. I don’t think a post-hysterectomy woman can “think like a man.” It’s tough to think a thing is a whole lot bigger than it is, isn’t it? I don’t know if you’ve ever read the blog, but Mary Catherine recently wrote about the rediscovered pleasure of making out with her husband. I think her amusing stories cover some serious ground about life after serious tinkering by doctors. As for the hot flashes–HATE them, too!

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