Let’s Get Mathematical

1 year.

A year ago today, I was going in for a hysterectomy.  With a diagnosis of pre-cancerous cells.  A hysterectomy was the cure for what I had, so in I went.

4 Quarters.

I woke up in the recovery room, and my husband was standing over me.  Sobbing.  I’ve never seen my husband cry.  Never before that day.  The crying, the look in his eyes, it told me more than any doctor ever could.


12 months.

Endometrial Adenocarcinoma.  Stage III 2C.  4mm into my uterus.  Spread to 19 of 21 lymph nodes.  My surgical oncologist said, “I got it all, but you’ll need treatment.”

52 Weeks.

Three weeks after my surgery, I began sandwich therapy.  3 Rounds of Paclitaxal and Carboplatin (3 weeks apart) followed by 25 external beam radiation treatments that radiated from my breastbone to my vagina.  Followed by 3 treatments of Internal Radiation.  Followed by 3 more rounds of Paclitaxal and Carboplatin.  When it was all said and done, my last round of chemo ended on March 18th.

365 Days

I have been in remission for 365 days.  NED.  No Evidence of Disease.  I’ve had six CT Scans to prove it.  I’ll have no more unless symptoms present.  In 365 days, my life has forever changed.  I will always be a cancer patient.  I have been through medical hell and back.  Mentally and physically tested.  I have won my first year battling a Stage 3 Cancer diagnosis.  I am still recovering from my chemo treatments that ended six months ago.  I have lost any hope at ever becoming a mother naturally.  I have learned so very much about myself over the past 365 days.  And I have come out stronger, more assured of myself, and what I want from my life.  I have been lucky enough to have my life partner and soul mate by my side…loving me unconditionally, supporting me, comforting me, holding me, and growing closer than I ever knew possible.  I have learned the value of true friends.  I have repaired relationships.  I have let go of unhealthy ones.  I have learned what it truly feels like to live.  I’ll never ever take that for granted again.  I have learned not to sweat the small stuff, and you know what?  Everything is small stuff.

I am a survivor.  I am strong.  I have forged the hardest battle of my life.  I have won that battle.  And I am confident I will win this war.

1 year.  4 Quarters.  12 months.  52 Weeks.  365 days.  And Counting.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Mathematical

  1. Well said. And bravo. For not giving up. For fighting. For transforming. For allowing yourself to be changed…spectacularly. and yeah… it’s all small stuff. Hooray for not ” going quietly…”

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