I’m on FIYAH!

Seriously…I feel as if I’m on fire.

For about a week now.

Itching from the waist down.

Two doctor appointments and neither of them found a physical reason as to why I am itching.  One (the one at the emergency medical aid unit) said “Contact Dermatitis” which generally means, “Um, I don’t know what it is…here, have a steroid.”  I saw him Tuesday night.  They wouldn’t give me prednisone because of my diabetes, but he did give me a steroidal cream.  It was SUPPOSED to help.

It made it worse.

The next day, I went to my primary care, allthewaythefuckdownin Maryland.  Waited an hour for him to see me.  He checked me over with a fine tooth comb.  He found about three bumps on the back of my leg, but couldn’t determine if they were anything to worry about.  My legs felt hot to the touch, but no physical rash, no evidence of shingles or scabies (eww), no poison ivy, oak or sumac.  No new dish detergent, soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets or body wash.  No new foods.  JUST FRIGGIN ITCHY.

Determination – my immune system is all screwed up from having chemo this year.  And I’m stressed out – moving, moving IN with my Mom, husband still unable to find a full time gig, new job, no computer at new job, phone issues at new job, going back to school – STRESSBALL here.  So, the stress got together with my immune system and said, “So, how should we handle this?” and my body said, “Ummmmm….itch?”  So, itchy it is.

OMG it isn’t getting any better.  The doctor prescribed me an anti-anxiety med (I’ve been asking for one since the cancer diagnosis).  It’s buspar.  Supposed to be really mild.  Takes a week or so to build up in the system.  He also gave me a heavy duty antihistamine.  I can only take it at night.  During the day, I’m taking benedryl (I have such an immunity to benedryl that it doesn’t even make me sleepy, and it sure doesn’t touch the itching).  I’m getting pretty desperate for relief here.

In other news, I am fully registered for class.  First installment payment made.  Books (holy expensive!) are bought.  Now I just need to get a copy of Microsoft Project and I’ll be good to go.

Oh, and I do like my new job.  My pc issues there have been a comedy of errors.  When I transferred from Baltimore, I obviously had to leave behind my desktop.  This place only issues laptops, so they ordered me one.  It was sent to Baltimore instead of Wilmington.  Yay.  So, Baltimore overnighted it to Wilmington, where it arrived on Wednesday with a broken screen.  Sigh.  New screen ordered, laptop has to be imaged, but noted that no one ordered a docking station.  Because I have one on my desk.  But it’s not compatible with the laptop.  So, docking station ordered.  Still no pc.  The PC has to be imaged, and then I can’t have it until I have a docking station.

And it took a week and a half to have my badge activated.


So, I continue to drag my personal laptop to work and use my Wi-Fi on my phone.  Today, I said eff it and worked from home.

But the job, well, it’s pretty cool.


5 thoughts on “I’m on FIYAH!

  1. Are you sure it’s not related to menopause? I ask because I had a nearly incessant sensation that bugs were crawling on me for months. It was unspeakably horrid as I hate insects. I’m just wondering if the hormones are playing games with your nervous system. The new job sounds like a silver lining!

  2. Could those bumps be tick bites? It is a myth that you have to have a rash to get Lyme Disease and taking an antibiotic at this stage is the best way to hold off later issues.

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