Blind Trust

I took a big step for me this week post cancer.


I re-enrolled in school. I took time off last year (again) when I got my cancer diagnosis. No way did I want to juggle group work and papers and exams with cancer treatments and worrying about whether or not I was going to see the end of the semester.

Then, we moved, and my commuting nightmare came into play.

But now, I’ve got a job 20 minutes away, and I seem to be staying in remission.

So I put a huge bit of trust into my wonderful team of oncologists.

And yesterday, I re-enrolled. I have approximately 9 classes left before I finish up this masters. I already have my MBA, and this one will be a Masters of Science in Management in Interdisciplinary Studies. My new job is officially titled a Regulatory Exam Project Manager, so I went ahead and signed up for the Project Management class (I have to take one of those). I start back to school September 9th.

Now listen here body – every time I have signed up for classes in the past few years, you have screwed me over – first knee surgery, then cancer. Let’s not screw this one up too.

Blind trust – come on Body – keep it together. REMISSION REMISSION…no WAMMIES!

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