One of the trials and tribulations of living as a cancer survivor with Lynch Syndrome is the knowledge that I now stand an 80% chance of developing colorectal cancer. My older sister and father both had colorectal cancer, so that increases my odds, in addition to testing positive for the genetic mutation.

This means annual colonoscopies.

Now, I’m not a newbie to the colonoscopy scene. This, in fact, is probably my fifth. The last one was three years ago, just after my gastric bypass procedure.

Sadly, I still hate jello as a result of umpteen procedures allowing only clear fluids, including three recent rounds of vag radiation.

Jello makes me want to gag.

But I digress.

So, my colonoscopy is tomorrow. I’m working from home today so I can begin my prep. One thing I didn’t know until this year was that people who have Lynch tend to develop polyps and tumors on the right side of their colons. Also interesting? A prep completed the night before your colonoscopy makes it difficult for the doctor to wash away the new mucus that has started to grow overnight on the right side. Now, for people with Lynch, they recommend a split prep – half the night before, and half the morning of the procedure.

Did I also mention that MoviPrep is nasty?


It is.

So, at 4pm today, I begin my prep – 1 liter of MoviPrep followed by many clear fluids until midnight. Then, at 6am tomorrow, another liter of MoviPrep followed by another 16 oz of clear fluids. Then I have to get in a car and travel for an hour and a half to Baltimore. I’m more worried about crapping myself in the car than I am about the actual procedure.

Because hey, I have my priorities.

3 thoughts on “Prep

  1. What hot new trends in “health” will they think of next? Some variation of MoviPrep, travel, and stress followed by cameras in sensitive places sounds like a fresh trip to hell. I hope you don’t mind if I say a little prayer to St. Christopher for you today. It sounds like a travel nightmare. I hope the results are good though.

  2. Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I’ve crapped myself in the car? I wasn’t even prepping for an colonoscopy.

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