Smash and Grab

This month has been “Cancer Follow-Up Appointment” Month.  Last Monday, I met with my new gastrointerologist, Dr. Greenwald.  Thanks to the diagnosis of lynch syndrome (officially) I will be seeing Dr. Greenwald as part of my cancer team.  He’s great.  I am scheduled for a colonoscopy next month.  No new thing to me, although he did say it will be harder for him since 1) I’ve had gastric bypass, and 2) I’ve had extensive radiation.  I’m not worried, since I will be asleep.  🙂

I also had a follow up with Dr. Sharma last week.  He wants to do one more scan, even though Dr. Rao didn’t.  Dr. Sharma feels that the extent of the cancer spread into my lymph nodes warrants it.  I’m ok with whatever.  Just keep me cancer free, m’kay?

Today I had my first mammogram.  The girl asked me if I was nervous, but I honestly wasn’t.  Believe me, when you’ve had as much done to your body as I have had done, well, ain’t no big thing.  It really wasn’t bad, although you do kind of feel like you are dangling there by your boob.  I asked her to lower the table just a smidge, but she said if she did she couldn’t get the best picture.  Best part was she asked me if I’d had surgery in the past twelve months.  I said, “Yes, I had a hysterectomy last August.”  Then she looked me in the eye and said, “Is there any chance you are pregnant?”


They also told me it would take two weeks for my results, but I got a call an hour ago from Dr. Rao (my oncologist) that all was well.  That’s the Smash part.

Next week will be the “grab” part as I get to have another internal exam with Dr. Rao.  I’ve been using my dilator and things are slowly getting more comfortable, so I think it will be ok.  Honestly, I’m not looking forward to the blood work because my veins are so bad.  I think that will be the worst part.  Boo.  Although the girl who did my blood work last week was in and out – one stick.  I was so thrilled I wanted to marry her.  Seriously.

Working on some other exciting news.  Can’t talk about it quite yet, but am hoping that things are finally starting on the upswing for me!

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