Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Last summer sucked.  Hands down sucked.  It was just last summer during our fourth of July Vacation weekend that I got sick.  Really sick.  Cancer sick.  And we were at our vacation place in  Chincoteague when it happened.

We just celebrated the offical start of the summer with Memorial Day.  And another trip to Virginia.  It felt like returning to a crime scene.  I kept waiting to get sick again.  But I didn’t.

So maybe this summer will be different.  I hope so.  Stay away Cancer.  You are not welcome here.

The only thing wrong with this past weekend was how freaking cold it was.  We had to use the heater and the electric blanket just to get through the weekend.  No pool.  No beach.  BUT plenty of parties, a golf cart parade, great friends, and good food.  And no return of the icks.

We are heading back down on the 14th.  Fingers crossed that it will be warmer and we can hit the pool.  I need to put last summer in the past.  WAY past.

And my little vacation place at the beach is just the place to do it.

You do not belong here Cancer.

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