Running Ragged

I went back to work Wednesday after being off a week and a half to take care of my Mom.  She’s doing great, except the therapist really worked her on Thursday and she’s very sore.

The new commute for me sucks.  SUCKS.  I’m commuting literally 4 hours a day.  BOO.

Today I’m running errands and doing laundry.  Mom wants to go with.  I need to open a new bank account here in DE.

Weird thing about being back here in DE…I’m seeing all the political ads for Jersey and PA.  Chris Christie is all over the place here – running ads to vote for “The Governor” and they are set up like (what to me) seems like a Sopranos ad.  I liken Christie to Tony Soprano, likeable but just kind of, well, ick.

But I don’t have to vote for him.  🙂

The past couple of days, I’ve had some symptoms that I had before my initial diagnosis.  My doctor said those symptoms weren’t related, but it still scares the bejeebers out of me.  I’ve had some back pain and leg cramps.  My potassium level is ok, so I’m a bit worried.  I see the oncologist in a few weeks and will bring it up.

Been using my vaginal dilator like a good girl.  Still hate it.  We laugh about it though – Bob has to stretch his feet three times a day for his plantar faciatis.  I tell him I have to do my stretching exercises too.  I just don’t walk on mine.  😉

Time to go run errands.  TTFN!


6 thoughts on “Running Ragged

  1. Always good to not forget to mention it to your oncologist. Although i would think sitting and commuting for 4 hours a day would cause leg cramps and back pain in perfectly healthy people! Hang in there!

    • I love my Kindle for the commute. Luckily I only have to drive half an hour of it….thanks to satellite radio and blasting 70s rock. Right now on the Kindle I am reading some Marylin Monroe biographies. I am pampering my girlie girl parts!

      • OH Thank G*d. I used to commute from San Bernardino county (outer eastern Mongolia, i.e., eastern California) to downtown Los Angeles by MetroLink train. I would drive to the train, take the train to Grand Central station downtown; get on the subway for four exits, then catch a bus to USC on Figueroa. It was awesome. I spent my time on the train studying…providing a crazy person didn’t sit next to me. I did it for two semesters.

        If you can make good use of that time, as it sounds that you are, it can turn into a time of relaxation and solitude. I occasionally slept on the train, but only when tired. This could work in your favor. I hope it does.

        Do you have the Kindle Fire? I lovelovelove mine. I bought it last year just before I broke my ankle. I am crazy for it, it’s ridiculous. LOL

        As Janis Joplin once said, “Take care of you. You’re all you’ve got.”



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