Catching Up

We are about 99% moved. We still have things at our house but they don’t have to be in DE right this minute. Bob was at the house yesterday and said it was sad being there. No life left in our first home together. Being at Mom’s is an adjustment. For all of us.

Mom came home last Friday. She gave us some scares at the nursing home, and her CLL required her to get a blood transfusion. Managing her care at the home, commuting to Baltimore for work, and managing a move were tough. I am exhausted, in pain, and sad because we are dealing with so much. I hate to admit that cancer sapped so much of my energy. I just want to go go go and I can’t.

Mom is doing well now. The transfusion did her wonders. Her knee is healing well, and we have started her PT today. I am off, but am working some from home. I am amazed at how much laundry one extra person in the house creates. I am hoping things calm down a bit now that Mom is home.


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