Careful You Don’t Trip Over That….It’s My Ass

Let me tell you – I have moved before…granted, it’s been 13 years, but I did it.  And I don’t think I was anywhere near this tired.  And we still have loads of stuff to pick up and move to my Mom’s.

I keep reminding myself that I am still just less than two month’s out of chemo therapy, and in between moving, I’m running to the nursing home to check on my Mom, and dealing with a now 2 hour one way commute to work when I go.

I’m so freaking tired I can’t stand it.  My ass is dragging.

Mom is doing great.  Not thrilled with her roommate situation, but physically, she’s doing very well.  Today she took two walks up and down the hallway and I had a problem keeping up with her.  She’s not using the walker like she should, but I think it’s because the women in this family have a weeeee bit of an independent streak.  Her roommate has her own issues, and enjoys watching a Fox news, which my very liberal mother feels as if it is like fingernails on a chalk board.  She says she’s going to stick out the week, but I’m thinking she’ll be ready to come home by Tuesday.  If I don’t have to pick her up sooner for roommate-a-cide.

Me, well, I’m doing what I have to.  Right now, I’m doing the 45th load of laundry in about four days – at least that’s what it feels like, and I have more to do – including my Mom’s laundry so I can take it back to her tomorrow when I get done work.  And there is the whole putting crap away in a house that is already filled to the gills.  I’m also going to make some ham and bean soup for mom so she has something ready to eat next week while she’s home.  And a roast for our dinner tonight.

At least tomorrow I work from home.

The nursing home is a sad sad place.  People there are very depressed (I don’t blame them) and have no fight left in them.  Mom, on the other hand, can not wait to leave.  I don’t blame her, and thank goodness every day that she’s not waiting to die.  Sometimes, I look at the faces of those sad old people, who have reached there 90s and have outlived all their family, and I think, “Please, don’t let me live that long – I know I’ll be alone.”

So, I better get back to work here – things to chop…soup to make…roasts to roasts…and underwear to wash.

And chocolate.  I need some chocolate.  Yes.  Chocolate.


One thought on “Careful You Don’t Trip Over That….It’s My Ass

  1. Give yourself a break. People say it takes years to return to normal energy levels. When I had my 7 month chemo break I started to return to energy levels enough to excercise after about 3. Although I moved into this house 10 months before I was diagnosed and was in probably the best shape of my adult life and I fell exhausted into bed every night. 2 months after chemo just do what you can each day. It isn’t going anywhwere and thankfully neither are u!

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