Still Here

This week has been nuts.  We started our move last weekend, and it launched with our yard sale.  We sold a lot, but still had a ton of it left, which we gifted to Good Will.  We brought up three loads to our new place on Sunday, and then Monday, Mom had her surgery.

She did well, but has had dome issues with low blood pressure and dizzy spells.  I went with her to pt yesterday, and am going again today.  Between the hospital and moving crap, I am exhausted!

Tomorrow I go back to work and Mom gets released from the hospital to rehab.  Bob is picking her up.

I moved the animals up.  The dog is thrilled.  She loves her new backyard and being able to play off leash.  Mattie Cat his for half an hour and then realized she was at Grandma’s.  Now she is strutting around like she owns the place.  Toby is wigged out.  Poor kitty.

We still have crap to move up, but we are getting there.  I am worn out.  I am sure it is because so much has been going on, and I am still wiped out from being sick, but soon enough we will be through this too.

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