Overnight Change

A few posts ago, I was asking where Spring was.  It seems that it found us overnight from Sunday to Monday, when we went from temps in the low 50s during the day to over 80 yesterday.

I welcome the change but it is playing havoc with my allergies and an already compromised immune system.  I have been sneezing my head off.  The biggest problem with that?  Well, since the hysterectomy and radiation, my poor bladder isn’t what it used to be.  Throw a sneeze in and you can forget it!  Nothing like peeing yourself a few times a day to welcome Spring.

Temps are supposed to be back to normal Springtime temps for the mid-atlantic by this weekend…the high 60s.  Just in time for my “F-you Cancer Weekend” in Ocean City, MD with my sister, niece, and friend.  I am looking forward to the trip, but admit that it is coming at an inconvenient time since we are moving in just three weeks.  I wish it could be later this summer.

Things are getting more and more back to normal.  I am still getting fatigued easily and my joints have not recovered from six rounds of chemo, but life is moving forward.  I look forward to the day when cancer isn’t on my mind 90% of the time.  I want to put this all behind me now.  I need to remember what life is like on a normal day to day basis.

Well, my new normal, at least.

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