I have been quiet this week, both in blogging and in following and commenting on my favorite ladies’ blogs here on the interwebs.

I went back to work this week, and it has taken the stuffins out of me. I’m exhausted and stressed. On top of going back to work, I’ve also got the stress of my mom’s upcoming surgery and our move to content with. It has led to some leg cramps this week (which have sucked). Plus, I came back to a mess at work and have been fighting through that all week long. Boo.

But, I plunge forward into this so-called life. I have some things going behind that scenes that I’m hoping to share with you all soon. I don’t want to risk anything if someone does a google search. 🙂

This weekend, my husband and I are heading down to our little place in Chincoteague for some R&R. It’s time to open up our little summer place, and get ready to hang out with a few friends and forget some stress this weekend.

I have found out that going back to work has been physically demanding on my poor body. I am not 100%. I am maybe 40%. Which is good enough to go back to work, but not good enough for me to be 100% at work, a place where I was usually 150%. Sigh. And I ran out of coffee this week. Which was no bueno. Mama needs her coffee in the morning and no K-cups made me a sad lady.

So, I will try to take some time this weekend, and update a wee smidge more (maybe with some pics from our beach place) and catch up on my favorite bloggie ladies. My thoughts are with you!


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. I hope you enjoy your time at your summer place, relax and let go of the stress for a bit! I have found it hard to comment on people’s blogs, write my own posts or reply to peoples comments on my blog over the past while…maybe its the time of year! Anyway, I look forward to hearing your news. Have a great weekend!

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