Getting Back to Life

I am down to my last couple of days of short-term disability.  I return to work on Monday.  Am I happy to be going back?  Well, no.  This whole ordeal has taught me that my job is not satisfying.  In fact, it is soul sucking.  But it is a job.  It provides us with certain needs…a steady paycheck, health benefits, stability. 

It is also a long way away from where we are moving. 

But I will keep it until the better opportunity arrives.

Luckily, Bob has an opportunity with the company that I interviewed with last week.  It is 100% commission sales, a job for which he is perfectly suited.  And he can work out of the Delaware office.  And he will be back in the job force…where he hasn’t been in five years. 

And I am oh so thankful.

I am worried about getting back to my normal daily routine.  My stamina is low.  My giveadamn is lower.  But I think it is time for me to get back to it.  And time to get past “cancer patient” mentality and back to “40 year old working woman” mentality.  And through all of this, I am taking on a new role…”care giver.”

So much going on in my head now.  So many things.  And still so much to do.  We are slowly making progress on our impending move.  Maybe the whirlwind of my life will settle down soon.


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