Where Is Spring?

Woke up to snow.  Crap.  Although the animals are thrilled.  See?


I also dislocated my knee this morning – the left one.  That knee had a microbrasion almost five years ago but it needs the same operation I had on the right knee – a graft.  The chemo has destroyed my joints and this knee has been so sore.  But I am in no mood for more surgery.  I popped it back into place, groaned in pain and got on with it.

I am ready for Spring.  This time last year it was in the 80s.  I want to get out and start living again.  But I guess I will take Mia out to play in the snow.  Silly puppy.


One thought on “Where Is Spring?

  1. I’m so with you on the spring thing. I’ve noticed people are getting really cranky lately. Considering it snowed in October, this is the 6th month of winter! Enough already! Hope your knee heals soon!

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