Dare I Say It?

I don’t want to jinx things, but after my oncologist appointment this morning, I feel safe enough to say that I am at the end of this horrible life altering journey.

Confirmation that there is no evidence of disease.  Remission. 

So, the plan now is to see them every three months for follow ups and blood work.

I have not been released to return to work until 4/1.  My immune system is still shaky and I am still getting over a virus.

I know there will always be a chance the cancer can come back.  But for now, my plan is to relax and breathe and return to life as normal.
And plan for the next adventure.  Which for now is my mom’s surgery and our move back to Delaware.  And that is big.  Huge.  Scary. But in a good way.

And of course keep things up here.

Love you all.  Your support and prayers have been a huge part of getting through this!


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