Still Around

I have caught a bug of some type, and have been really sick.  What’s worse is that my immune system is so crappy, I can’t go to the doctor because I risk getting sicker.  Boo.  My temp has been hovering around 100, not high enough to go to the hospital, but enough to worry us.  I have a really sore throat and it is swollen so I am having an issue swallowing.  It has been a long couple of days.

In other news, our moving plans have changed dramatically.  We have made the decision to move in with my mom.  This May.  Mom is relieved, and honestly so am I.  We haven’t come to a decision about our house (to rent or sell) but we have a while to figure it out.  Win win….it will help out my Mom and we can save some cash.  Big changes.

No word yet on my scan.


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