Taking My Mind Off Of Me

I seem so self-absorbed lately, with the end (knock wood) of my cancer treatments, and our decision to move back to Delaware, and going back to work, and my scan tomorrow.  I don’t like feeling self-absorbed (said the woman who blogs about herself) but honestly, “me” has been in the front of my mind so much, I don’t know how to make it go away.

But, the past week has given me some other things to think about besides “me.”

My mom is 76 and lives alone in Delaware.  In addition to being 76 and me worrying about her living alone, we have the extra added worries because my mother has PAD (peripheral artery disease) and chronic leukemia (the kind you live with, but don’t die from) and diabetes.  And she has really bad knees.  Degenerative bone disease kind of runs in our family.  My mother has been going every six months for steroidal shots, and the past few cycles have just not worked for her.  Her orthopaedist has urged her to get knee replacement in at least one leg for the past year and a half, but she didn’t do it in 2011 because I had knee surgery.  She was ready to do it last year, but then I got sick.  She is a firm believer in only one person in the family in the hospital at a time.

But, Mom’s pain has gotten worse and worse, and I’m afraid we can’t push it off any further.  So, now we have a tangible surgery date for my mom to get her knee replaced – April 22nd.  The week after I have my celebratory “screw you cancer” girls weekend with my sister, niece and our good friend in Ocean City, MD.  A month after I return to work.  I have every intention of taking off work the day of her surgery, and the day after.  I also have every intention of taking off a week when she comes home so I can stay with her.  She will be rehabing “in-house” – so she’ll spend about two weeks total at the hospital.  The only downfall is I’m thinking her return home will coincide with my follow-up appointment with the radiation oncologist.  I’ll move my appointment.

My mom is worried about me taking time off of work so close to returning from short-term, but they will just have to suck it up.  I’m going to spend that week with my mother.

So now, we have a flurry of preparations for my mom’s surgery.  My husband and I are going up Saturday to remodel one of her spare bedrooms – my old room.  That room is closest to her bathroom (my mother’s house was built in the 60s and there is no “master bath”) and I want her to stay there when she comes home so she won’t have to walk as far.  Thankfully she had stair lifts put in a few years ago.  She’s currently using that bedroom has her office, and it has a small twin-sized day bed in it, a desk and a folding table.  She wants to take out the day bed and give it to my niece who is moving into her first house this weekend.  She also wants to put in a queen sized bed, and paint the room.  She wants to pay Bob to paint the room, so he’s going to take care of that this weekend too.

In addition to all this, we got a Save the Date card from my 2nd oldest niece.  She’s getting married August 3rd.  Mom was a little afraid at first that we wouldn’t be invited, but thankfully we are.  Joanna is my oldest sister’s daughter.  My oldest sister passed in ’99 from Ovarian Cancer and at the time, Jo was only 12.  Jo takes after her mother and is very independent.  I haven’t met Jamie (her fiance) – but I understand he’s a nice boy.  So we have something happy to look forward to.

So, it’s been nice taking my mind off of me for a while.

Now to get back to me – I have to do our taxes (bah), send out some resumes, and get my grocery list ready for tomorrow.  I also need to pay some bills (double bah) and check work email (triple BAH).


2 thoughts on “Taking My Mind Off Of Me

  1. Wow. Your sister had ovarian cancer? Genetics is a bitch sometimes, huh? I wish I hadn’t done my taxes. I have to pay this year for the first time ever. Good luck and healing thought to both you and your mom!

    • Yes…she had ovarian cancer and passed quickly. My older sister and father both had colon cancer. She is about 20 years cancer-free now. My dad passed because they found his way too late. To top all that, my mother’s mother had endometrial cancer. I was screwed on both sides. I tested positive for the gene of course. Luckily none of my nieces or nephew tested positive.

      We had to pay last year, and will probably have to this year. Boo!

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