Here We Go Again

My hair loss had slowed and nearly stopped about two weeks ago, but here I am 16 days after my second treatment and it started again.

Last time around I shaved my head, but this time we just buzzed it close.  I still have hair.  I have always had really thick hair, and the loss isn’t obvious.  Well, I have no hair in my pubic region, under arms or on my legs, but the hair loss on head is probably really only evident to me.  But it is a lot.  We buzzed it because it makes less of a mess when falling out. 

I hate not having hair.  I know it will grow back, and for years I sported a short pixie, but just before my diagnosis, I had finally gotten my hair to the length I wanted it.  So the hair loss for me is difficult.  Additionally, it is the most outward evidence that I have a cancer diagnosis.  And that it something that is hard to deal with…even now, six months later.  I may be in remission, but it still hangs over my head like a little dark cloud. 

But I have one treatment left.  And then a scan.  And maybe by my birthday my curls will be back.


One thought on “Here We Go Again

  1. I always had frizzy hair growing up. Then, in my 30s it finally had calmed down to a nice curl without these incredibly wild frizzy spots. Chemo destroyed it again. My hair is as frizzy as when I went through puberty! But, hey, if I’m around for another 30 years until it gets “normal” again, I’ll be happy! Here is hoping your scan is clean and you never have to worry about it again!

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