I’m In Shock

This has nothing to do with cancer.

I am a huge Downton Abbey fan.  Huge.  Never ever miss it.  And I didn’t miss last night’s Season 3 finale.  I had done well on avoiding all the spoilers but my husband had read ahead.  He mentioned to me weeks ago that some one on the show dies.  I thought we got that out of the way a few weeks ago when Sybil died.

And then last night happened.

I am in shock.

I know it was a contract dispute, but they could have re-cast the role.

And now I have to wait a whole year for season 4.


Shock.  Shock!


2 thoughts on “I’m In Shock

  1. So very unhappy. Samantha had two Darrens, why couldn’t Downton have two Matthews? I’m just…angry a bit. I don’t want to watch Season 4, but I probably will (weak-willed person that I am). I just think…I was watching this show because it made me relax and feel happy. Now? Notsomuch. I’ll have to get my happy somewhere else.

    Shame on them.

  2. unfortunately someone had told me that he wasn’t returning. I didn’t expect him to die however, until I saw him driving happily–then I knew it was coming. I’m pretty bummed, I have been routing for them from the first season and so enjoyed watching them together.

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