Sweet Relief

So…adding the Tylenol to the oxy dose did the trick.  Amen.  And I slept fairly well last night to boot…only a few night sweats.

We are leaving the house today!  Like grown ups!  I have on jeans! Err, anyone who has had a hysterectomy knows that wearing jeans within the first 12 months of your surgery is a major accomplishment!!  I guarantee they won’t be on long after we are home.  I still get swelly belly even six months after surgery.  Even better, I have on a bra!!!  You’re welcome Aberdeen.

We are going out to do a bit of job hunting for the hubby, and I plan to drop in on my knitting buddy.  Cabin fever is a bitch. 

Well…time for us to be on our way!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Relief

      • I live in yoga pants now! I only put jeans on when I leave the house. I do have a pair of maternity pants that I wore after my last surgery when I got sick and tired of wearing yoga pants to the store, but it pisses me off wearing something that’s meant for a preggo belly, not a swelly belly!

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