I Am Such A Wino….er, Whiner

My everything hurts.  I had to call the oncologist to find out if this was normal or if I should take myself to the ER.  Turns out completely normal and only due to get worse.  Taxol has that effect on folks who already have degenerative bone disease.  My back, hips and knees are screaming.

My oncologist told me pain management is the best thing for me now.  Which means narcotics.  I have a script for oxycodone which I am supposed to take with tylenol (making percoset), and I can take up to 20mgs of the oxy if I need it.  I hate taking narcotics.  Hate it.  Makes me fuzzy headed.  And constipated.

In other chemo news, I am no longer nauseated or suffering from migraines.  I am tired as all get out.  My hair loss has started to slow down, but my nose hairs are starting to fall out, which amuses me to no end.  Nothing like blowing your nose and finding a tissue full of hair.  Guess my eyebrows and lashes will be next.

My blood counts are ok…white cells are low and slightly dehydrated, but I can be around the general public.

Valentine’s Day is this week  Cancer has given that all new meaning.  We haven’t huge plans, or big presents.  I asked him to get me a donut…one of the heart shaped ones from Dunkin Donuts.  Big spenders.  I am so glad to have him in my life…he is my rock.  We are so lucky this year.  I am alive, and in remission.  I was so close to death last year and didn’t even know.  I am happy to be alive and to have a husband who loves me and takes such good care of me.

As for the wino part, I treated myself to a glass of wine Sunday.  I am not supposed to be drinking right now, but it was our special Valentine’s Day dinner.  And it was delicious.  I may drink an entire bottle to celebrate when treatment is over.  Of course, I was toasted after half a glass (thank you gastric bypass), but it was so worth it.


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