New Hair Cut


It was all falling out again.  😦

4 thoughts on “New Hair Cut

  1. It’s all part of “learning to fight like a girl!” Totally sucks, but think of each hair lost as one arrow shooting into the cancer to kill it! And just imagine the surprises your hair will have in store when it grows back again. Mine is frizzier than ever! ; )

    • I have naturally curly hair…which turns into frizz city in the lovely humid summers we get here in the mid-atlantic. I swear, if it comes in any frizzier, I may cry! LOL I’m hoping it comes in straight!! Although at this point, after being nearly bald for going on six months, I’m just ready for some hair….frizzy, straight, or rainbow afro.

    • Aw, thanks. I’ve never been one to feel I had to hide my cancer noggin – I hate scarves and wigs (and lemme tell ya, wigs are nothing you want to mess with when you are having a hot flash) but the bald thing is getting a little old, and very cold in the winter! BRRRRR

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