It’s Frickin Freezing Here Y’all

BRRRRR….it’s 25 degrees here in north-eastern MD, and it feels like -4.  If I have to be stuck at home I guess this is the week for it.  My feet are freezing.  FREEZING.  My poor husband…he’s going to have to deal with me putting them on his bare legs later to warm them up.  MWAHHAHAHAHAHA

Yes, I’m still stuck at home.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll have enough of an immune system to venture to the grocery store because our cupboard is bare.  Of course, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow night – but we’re only supposed to get less than two inches, so I’m not scared.  We have enough food to get through the weekend, but the toilet paper may be another story.

And, because I know you come here to read all about my vagina (hahahahahahaha)…it’s much better.  The cream the doctor prescribed is wonderful, and I can now go potty without screaming in pain and sobbing for five minutes (yes, it was that bad – no I am not exaggerating).

I’m also letting go some this time around on short-term.  Last time, I was checking my emails once a day, and trying to “work” even though I was not supposed to.  This time, I just now got around to signing on to my work email.  I had 297.  I’ve been out of work for 9 days.  That is 33 emails a day.  I deleted them all (well, almost all of them – some were some requests from my boss about updating my work from home schedule and some were potential job openings that met my criteria – a few in Colorado, which I’m seriously looking into).  I have my “out of office” on, but people still find the need to copy me on shit.  I’m not going to bust my hump worrying about it this time.  Just not gonna.

I finished knitting one of two in my new pairs of socks.  I took a break between the first and the second to knit a quick scarf made out of some beautiful yarn that was made of recycled sari silk.  I did a thin, long scarf that I can wear with my business attire when I go back to work.  It came out gorgeous.  I’ve had that yarn over a year wondering what to do with it.  Alas, since being out on short-term, I’ve been spending time on Pinterest and watching What Not To Wear, and I’m determined to go back to work much more stylish.  I am 40, and when I go back, I’m going to be fabulous.  🙂

Not much else going on here.  Tired of these four walls.  Looking forward to going to the grocery store soon.  How sad is that?


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