Some Relief Is On Its Way

I broke down today and called my radiation oncologist to tell them about my burning vag (don’t you love coming to this blog?  VAG VAG VAG).  They told me to take half a tab of the oxycodone every 4 hours and he prescribed some lidocaine ointment (yay) to deaden the area.  It is a common side effect from the radiation and likened it to a sunburn, only worse.

Yeah – no one really sets out to sunburn their hooha, now do they?

Also called the oncologist’s office today to find out if they were faxing my paperwork to MetLife.  They are faxing it today (thank goodness).  Not ready for another fight with them.  While she was on the phone with me though, she told me my white cell count is a bit too low, as is my red cell count (hence the holy shit I’m tired and the migraines) and I’m housebound this week.  Not allowed outside contact due to the flu bug going around.  Bob is going to pick up my script for me later.

I am finally feeling a bit better from the chemo this week.  Beth (the NP) told me this time around was going to be worse, so I prepared myself for worse.  They weren’t lying.  You wouldn’t figure that chemo would last in your system for a couple of months, but I guess it does.  And adding more to it, on top of the radiation, well, honestly, I’m just wiped.

So, I’ll sit my quarantined self on the sofa with my knitting needles and the new pair of socks I’m working on (I don’t know what it is about knitting socks, but it’s almost cathartic in it’s ability to put me in a zen state).

And I’ll count down until I’m done.

Two more to go.


4 thoughts on “Some Relief Is On Its Way

    • Hey…if you can’t laugh at your situation, you’ll drive yourself nutty from wallowing in boo hop self pity. I am not a wallower. Besides, I may be a 40 year old Grammie, but at heart, I am a 12 year old boy. ;-).

      Eating lots of plants and meaty meats to build my cells back up!!! Glad I could make you smile!

  1. Thanks, you have such a wonderful way of communicating your pain and suffering in a manner that is honest and even entertaining, but not pollyanna. You are a most remarkable person.

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