I Stand Corrected

The worst part of radiation was not the constant nauseau.

It’s the burned Hooha.


First week after chemo is over.  It’s been a miserable week.  I’ve felt like crap, and my joints are screaming (worst part of the chemo for me is the way it inflames my arthritis) and to top it off, I’ve been dealing with a lesion on my vag left over from the internal radiation.  Makes peeing an adventure in torture.

Had a few breakdowns – not gonna lie.  Found myself sobbing last night.

My poor husband.  He just wants me to be better.  And he’s saying all the things he should.  But honestly, I’m kind of over all of this.  We can be done now.  I’ll finish my treatments, because I’m not a quitter, but I’m ready to be done all this shit.



2 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected

  1. Ouch! Poor old you. I sympathise. I had radiography on my pubic bone. I asked whether it went through any vital soft tissues. ‘oh no’ they said. Yeah, right! Definitely went through back of vagina and lower back passage. It made some functions eye-watering, sweaty adventures in the bathroom! It’s getting better all the time, though, so it should be better for you soon.
    Best wishes to you.

  2. You know, we get so stuck in this mode of “I’m going to be positive” that we forget that it is ok to admit we feel like crap sometimes. (ok, alot of the time!) Remind yourself that is only temporary and you are moving towards a goal of cancer free. Hang in there!

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