So, yesterday was my first infusion since the end of October.  Unfortunately, my veins are still hard to get to, and they had to dig around.  Three sticks later, they were forced to use the vein in my elbow, which they don’t like to use.  They like you to be able to move your arm around during the treatments, and additionally, with the taxil, it can cause swelling if administered in the elbow.

Thankfully my infusion nurse was happy with my blood draw she got on the vein and let me use it without digging around again.  A port was discussed but quickly decided against because I only have two infusions left.  I’m kind of done with being sliced and diced.

Today I’m feeling kind of icky.  I’m staying on top of the zofran (in fact, I’m due for some more I think) to ward off the nausea.  I’m mostly tired today, and I know that tomorrow is going to be bad.  I did manage to make a big pot of soup to eat on this week, so I don’t have to think about food.  I probably won’t want to eat tomorrow.

I also managed to finally drag my husband to the Target clinic for a flu shot.  I’m not worried about him getting the flu so much as I’m worried about him bringing it back to me.  Not something we can afford.

I have also called to cancel my primary care appointment for next week.  My immune system will be crap and I just don’t feel comfortable sitting in a doctor’s office.  And, I filed a new claim for short term.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have to kick and scream on this one.

So, I’m down to two more treatments.  Two. More. Treatments.  I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just hope it isn’t attached to an oncoming train.

2 thoughts on “Blech

  1. Hi Bea- nice to “meet” you. If the nausea is terrible, ask your doc for “Emend” (only if you have prescription coverage because it is jaw-droppingly expensive). I called it my “miracle drug” for nausea. Sending you healing wishes.- Cheryl

  2. Nice to meet you too. 🙂 The nausea is ok as long as I stay on top of my meds. I’m currently taking a zofran and compazine cocktail. But I’ll keep this in mind if it gets worse.

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